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Location 205/55 Cumberland Dr Marybyrnong VIC 3032 Australia Phone: (03) 9317 4991 Website: Aussie Campervans
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Location Australia
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CBD Oil Directory is a space dedicated to sharing CBD Oil suppliers. manufacturers, advice, blogs, experiences and more.  At CBD Oil Directory our primary goal is to be a safe, open and supported online ecosystem for everything CBD Oil. Whilst we acknowledge there is room for further scientific testing and development, we also recognise the significant weight of anecdotal evidence supporting the therapeutic benefits of CBD Oil.

CBD Oil Directory encourages submissions from all over the world, from all aspects of CBD Oil use and application.

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CBD Oil is used not for it’s psychoactive effects (this is the THC ingredient in cannabis) but instead for the Cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol is but one of thousands of organic compounds created by cannabis plants. CBD Oil is widely held to offer respite from varying conditions, from pain to skin conditions like eczema.

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